Stohess remains a isolated nation, found on the northern regions. The foundation started off as a small colony, which grew into a huge nation, known as the Country of Stohess. This was the mark of a new and rising empire.

Background Edit

As a small federated colony, Stohess lived an era of peace and tranquility. The colony follows under a federal republic, in which a representative was elected by the people to govern the territory. As time flies, Stohess began to grow into a much bigger empire, eventually leading to the point where it had to be split into separate districts. Established as a new-formed nation, Stohess formed into federalism of monarchy, where a King would be elected as the Senate or Head of state. Together, the nation aims on forming a much more perfect union within each other.

Antiquity Edit

As a small federated nation, foreign colonists began residing in the nation, as it grew, conquering a handful portion of territory that was purchased by the Legislature. During its rising era, an isolation law was passed to keep citizens safe from danger that the nation would encounter. This would account for the recent invasions that had occurred during colonial times. Although, the nation was led into war after the German Conflict between Stohess and the remarkably known division of Square One, Project Index.